Business can be a vessel for healing, for soul expression, and for wealth.

I teach online business owners of all kinds how stop hiding and bring their whole selves into their businesses. Not just the parts that feel palatable or acceptable. 

You, my dear, are worthy just as you are. Your story is important. You will succeed because you are yourself, not despite being yourself. Your connection with your people and your longing to serve them is the the only prerequisite you need to be successful. 

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Hi, I'm Monet

I started my coaching journey working with mothers who desired to be the sovereigns of their own birth experiences, helping them to navigate the identity shifts that ultimately follow. Since then, I have woven my background in sales, marketing, and business development from the tech start-up world with my experience helping new mothers shed old identities to make way for new ones to teach business owners how to stand in their truth in the online sphere.

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Fun Facts

  • I'm an intuitive medium and have been receiving messages from spirits since I was a teenager⁠
  • Before certifying as an LCS life coach, I was a birth doula and have held space for dozens of families to bring their babies into the world with intention and love⁠
  • I'm an astrology nerd and am in love with the idea of using birth charts as a business tool for soul expression⁠
  • I learned a shit ton about business, marketing, and selling in the tech-start up world and then unlearned all of it to make way for MAGIC⁠
  • I'm dynamically disabled and am a part-time wheelchair user and chronic illness warrior⁠ with POTS
  • I am a classically trained mezzo-soprano and have a degree in music, but I also have a mean karaoke game⁠

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Intuitive Business Astrology Reading

Spend an hour with me to get clarity on where your strengths are in your business and where you can SHINE more. If you are trying to integrate how to bring more YOU into your brand, this is for you.⁠

These sessions are a magical soup of astrology, intuition, and coaching. ⁠We apply the wisdom of your birth chart to  your business, to help move you forward with intention.⁠

So let's have some fun. Sessions cost $155.

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Marketing Magic 1:1

Magic begins to happen in your business when you take the time to cultivate your own identity within it. When you learn to tap into the richness of yourself in all facets of your marketing.⁠

Combine that with strategy and then you become a powerhouse. Funnels and websites and ads and webinars don't have to be hollow, lifeless pieces of your marketing machine when your soul is running through them all. I'll teach you how to call in your people by being more YOU.

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Want to learn how to take iconic self-portraits?

I gotchu! As your business evolves and your vibe changes, sometimes your professional photos don't feel! And selfies don't have the polish or flair that you're going for. I'll teach you how to take portraits of yourself that you can use in social media, your website, anywhere you need more photos. 

Your photos are a direct energetic connection between you and your future clients. Submit your info below to receive my video where I spill all my secrets on how to make your portraits POP. Soon, you'll never run out of content.