You have questions.

Your Higher Self has answers.

Questions about your purpose, about how you're meant to help people, about your path in this lifetime and all of its twists and turns, and you would love to make sense of the challenges you've been through.

There is someone who knows you better than you know yourself, who has all the answers and wisdom that you wish you could know. That someone is YOU. More specifically, your Higher Self. This part of you is a reservoir of every moment in time, every life you've lived, every lesson you've learned, and why you were born onto Earth RIGHT NOW. 

Your Higher Self is very wise, and is always in the background of your subconscious, listening, watching, guiding, and patiently waiting for you to remember who you are - not just an organized collection of cells, but an expansive soul with a colorful history, who is infinite and who descends from Source, itself.

Here's where I come in. I'm the bridge from your conscious mind to your subconscious. 

I'm Monet, a Soul Worker

I'm a Birth Doula, a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner, and a Life Coach. The integration of all three are what allow me to take you on a journey into your consciousness, for soul exploration.

As a Doula, I prepare you for a smooth journey and then gently guide over the threshold of the conscious mind.

As a BQH Practitioner, I lead you into the liminal space of the subconscious and guide you through each gate of the soul to meet your Higher Self.

As a Life Coach, I help you to process what you learn, integrate the shifts into your conscious mind, and run with the knowledge that you learn to create quantum leaps in your life and business.

Work With Me

What is this magic and will it work for me?

You don't have to be a yogi or a zen master or an "awakened" individual to access your Higher Self. All you have to do is to have an open mind and curiosity about your soul's journey.

Here's how it works. During the hypnosis session over Zoom, you are guided, by me, into a theta brain wave state. Once you are "under," we explore whatever scene(s) from your soul's lifetime that your subconscious thinks is relevant to the questions or issues that you have brought me. I then call forth your Higher Self to speak and we have a chat. All of your questions get answered.

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Work With Me