If marketing your business with an open heart feels frightening, you are not alone

If letting your guard down to let your audience see who is underneath sounds terrible, you are not destined to hide.

If taking up space in the online sphere as the version of yourself that you know you can be sounds out of reach, it's not your fault.

You are not beyond help - you are exactly like the clients I've helped work through these same conundrums.

If this resonates with you, it's actually a good thing - it means that you are sensitive, maybe even highly sensitive. It means you are intuitive. It means that you care deeply about the work that you do in your business and in the world at large. It means that you care about others, and you care about how others perceive you.

But it also means that you are putting distance between you and your audience. When you're afraid to show your humanity in the online sphere and you are hiding behind your business, you are essentially people-pleasing. Ring any bells? 

Not to worry. I can gently guide you through this so that you can start showing up as yourself in your marketing, resonate deeply with your ideal clients, and build the brand that feels like home, because it is a reflection of YOU.


Hi, I'm Monet

I started my coaching journey as a birth doula, working with mothers who desired to be the sovereigns of their own birth experiences, helping them to navigate the identity shifts that ultimately follow. Since then, I have woven my background in sales, marketing, and business development from the tech start-up world with my experience helping new mothers shed old identities to make way for new ones to teach business owners how to stand in their truth in the online sphere through thought-work and trauma-informed coaching.

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You can totally do this

Being yourself in your marketing doesn’t always look like a big explosive coming out as the "real" you. More often, it looks like incrementally becoming the person who you’ve always known you are, and always wanted to be, and allowing the world to witness it.⁠ The way to actually, meaningfully help people is to trust them with your truth. That gives your audience permission to trust you with theirs.⁠

It looks like learning how to navigate the feelings that come along with vulnerability so that you are then able to be free to be yourself. 

You owe it to yourself to not stay small - to thrive openly. To struggle, honestly. To no longer silence yourself.

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Intuitive Business Astrology Readings

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In these sessions, you will gain a deeper awareness as to how the day, time, year, and location you were born impacts how you are programmed to operate in the world. This affects how you show up in your life and your business. You will learn where there is tension within yourself and where there is ease, so that you can integrate the bits that are a struggle and lean into your natural strengths. You will also learn what your soul's journey is here on this planet, and how your vocation fits into it.⁠

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The Labyrinth

4 Months of 1:1 Coaching for anyone:

  • With a business 
  • Who is ready to have the support of a guide who is in their corner for the next 4 months⁠
  • Who wants their business to be a reflection of their true selves
  • Who wants to grow into the next version of themselves but also wants to honor their nervous system⁠
  • Who wants to learn how to take up space and become unapologetically visible in the online sphere
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The Visibility Podcast

This is the podcast for business owners who want to show up fearlessly as themselves. Monet explores both the joy and challenges that come along with being the face of your business while also having a human brain. Tune in on Apple Podcasts and Spotify for weekly episodes every Wednesday.

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Want to learn how to take self-portraits?

I gotchu! As your business evolves and your vibe changes, sometimes your professional photos don't feel like...you! And selfies don't have the polish or flair that you're going for. I'll teach you how to take portraits of yourself that you can use in social media, your website, anywhere you need more photos. 

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