I'm Monet. 

I'm a doula and a life coach, and I combine birth work and thought work to help make the transition into motherhood suck less.

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New mama, you do not have to do this alone


I know your whole world has been turned upside down. Life as you've known it will never be the same. I know because I've gone through it myself and I've been the guide to so many new moms as a doula as they cross the threshold from maiden to mother. I help new moms like you to adapt to the challenges of new motherhood. In modern day society, we are more isolated than ever before. You don't have to do motherhood alone. I'm a birth worker with a doula's heart, who became a life coach to expand my reach and be able to impact moms and families in all aspects of motherhood, not just birth. 


I'm Here For You

New Mama Relationship Reset Coaching Program

One of the biggest struggles that all new moms are faced with is the impact of having kids on your relationship with your partner. I'm here to help you learn how to press the reset button without having to go to couples counseling. The pilot run of my 10-week coaching program, starts October 26th and is limited to 12 participants. Grab your spot before somebody else does! 

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