Make money in your birth business,

without being on-call, in 3 months.

As birth workers, most of us reach a point where we don't want to, or can't be, on-call forever. Maybe you want to take a break to have your own children, or take care of a loved one, or take care of your own health. On-call life can be both physically and emotionally demanding. I've seen so many birth workers leave the calling that they're passionate about because their lives were no longer compatible with being on-call.

I'm one of them.

I was busy working as a birth doula while raising a young family. I had gotten to the point in my business where I was booked several months out, and it was an amazing feeling to see my doula dreams come true! But I was also sick. I knew something was very, very wrong in my body, but I was too afraid to take my foot off the gas. I couldn't keep going at the same pace and knew something had to change, but the clients were rolling in and my family depended on the income.

Most days, I couldn't stand on my feet for very long before having to rest. When I would stand up, I'd start losing my vision and come close to passing out. This happened all the time, and some days were worse than others. It got so bad that I couldn't hold my toddler anymore without feeling like I was having a heart attack. The physical and emotional toll of on-call life was making whatever was going on in my body worse.

Something had to give.

Then COVID hit, and the decision was made for me to SLOW DOWN. I was able to pivot into coaching and rebuild my business from the ground up, but this time, I chose to reach a wider audience and go digital. See, before I became a doula, I ran the marketing for a biotech company, and before that, I worked for a tech start-up that provided marketing for service providers. I had the knowledge and the skills to build a website that converts, sales funnels, webinars, the whole enchilada. So I leaned on those skills and built a business that I love. That doesn't require me to put my entire life, and my health, on hold in order for me to be successful. Oh, and I got a diagnosis and am on the long road of healing - something that would have never been possible for me had I not slowed the eff down and built a truly sustainable business.

As a birth worker, when we are successful, we will reach an income ceiling at some point.

We can only be in so many places at once. We can only take so many clients per month. We have to sleep at some point. So then what do we do? We can keep running on the treadmill of being on-call, maxed-out to our absolute capacity, or we can shift our strategy and reach a whole new audience - one that isn't limited to the families in our immediate area.

You can turn your knowledge and passion into an online birth business.

You are totally capable of turning your ideas into an online offering, such as a course, membership, or physical product that brings in revenue for you. You don't have to be a magical unicorn to be successful at this. You just need knowledge, tools, and your passion for birth. 

Enter, Three Months to Launch

This is my signature 12-week, one-on-one coaching program plus all the marketing teachings you will need to launch your business, all rolled into one. Included with the coaching package is The Digital Marketing Manifesto for Birth Workers, a self-paced online course that will teach you everything from how to write amazing copy that sells to how to run a Facebook ad that converts.

What's Included in Three Months to Launch:

12 one-on-one sessions where I help you turn your idea into a real stream of income for you. The best part? It will simplify your life, not complicate it. Let's create a profitable digital offering that you can put on autopilot.

In our one-on-ones, we work on mindset. I help you to feel confident and get dialed into what you want. I help you to break through any of the negative self-talk that has been holding you back.

In between our one-on-ones, you get to learn about the HOW, so that we don't have to spend our precious sessions learning how to, say, set up a Facebook ad. You get to do that at your own pace.

Here's what's covered in the self-paced course, The Digital Manifesto for Birth Workers:

Module 1: Niche, Positioning & Offer

Module 2: Copywriting that Resonates

Module 3: Websites that Convert

Module 4: Types of Digital Offerings

Module 5: Funnels - How to Become Discoverable

Module 6: Webinars that Sell

Module 7: Building & Nurturing Your Email List

Module 8: Creating a Valuable Freebie

Module 10: Facebook Ads

Module 11: Growing a Facebook Group

Module 12: Organic Marketing

And here's my favorite part. You get lifetime access to the course so you can always revisit it as your business evolves and it is a LIVING course, so as technology changes, so will the content. One of the most frustrating things as a marketer is trying to watch trainings from a couple years ago that are practically irrelevant because the tech has changed. So as long as this course is still being offered, I will be updating it so that it stays current.

Price: $2,500, which includes 12 one-on-one sessions + The Digital Marketing Manifesto for Birth Workers

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What would you create if you thought you could? This facet of your business already lives within you. Let's give it a voice.

Three Months to Launch officially opens on April 9st, 2021. Fill out the form below to apply early and receive priority application status.