How did I come into this work, anyway?

In short, it found me.

When I was a child, I attended church at a very special place of worship in a very special town - The Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) in Encinitas, California. The SRF was founded by Parmahansa Yogananda, a yogi from India, in the 1920’s who sought to spread the knowledge through meditation that the SELF is actually SPIRIT - we are all souls descended from Source.

So here I am, little 7-year-old Monet, meditating in Sunday school with a bunch of other little kids. It was pretty remarkable, when I look back on it. When we incarnate onto the earth, we forget who we are - which is infinite Source - and this is part of the deal of being on Earth. But I was taught to remember this from a very young age. I was being taught about karma, about reincarnation, about how it all fits into this inclusive belief system in which God and Christ and Krishna could exist together, without conflicts of interest. We opened our prayer sessions with connection to “Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, and Saints of ALL Religions.” I am so grateful for this special introduction to spirituality that has kept me so very grounded.

Throughout my teenage years and into adulthood, some abilities began to emerge, like being able to sense the presence of spirits or having experiences of my soul going out and about during dreams to experience other things happening in real life or in other people's dreams. I was drawn to the metaphysical - to crystals, astrology, things like that - but I couldn’t see the big picture yet of how it would all fit into my life.

I gave birth to my daughter in 2016, and that experience was the catalyst for putting me on the path I’m on now. After my primal, raw, empowering out-of-hospital birth, I had the experience of being immersed in a theta brainwave state, of going "behind the veil," which is how our bodies are designed to function during undisturbed birth. Once she was on earthside, I had the experience of truly “meeting” my daughter. As I gazed into her eyes as a week-old baby, my heart broke open and our souls met. I had access to HER. To exactly who she was, who she would become, and who she had been. It was one of the most profound moments of my life, as I felt Source in the space between us.

I then was guided to become a birth doula and I learned that I was called to help people cross thresholds in their lives. Birth, motherhood, death. The babies I learned from taught me SO MUCH - that there are no coincidences, that babies (which are big souls in little bodies) have a huge amount of wisdom to impart. I learned to hold space for one of the biggest shifts a person will ever go through - birth. There is a surrendering, a releasing, and a turning inward that happens when you allow it. (My experience as a doula hugely informs my work now)

But as birth work was very demanding physically, my body (which already suffered from several hidden health conditions) could not continue the work, in a conventional sense. I found coaching. Holy guacamole! Coaching blew the doors off of my life. I learned for the first time how to separate myself from my thoughts, and this improved my relationship with myself, my family, and and my business. I knew for certain that I could co-create my own reality and that I had the power to do so with my own brain. I became a certified coach and began searching for how I was meant to help people. I wove my background in sales and marketing at a tech start-up into business coaching, and I loved it. But I was leaving an aspect out of my coaching that really longed to be a focal point - my rich experience of spirituality.

Our Higher Self has a way of leading us to what our souls are meant to do with our work. It’s like planting seeds. And my Higher Self had planted and fertilized a whole garden for me and was just waiting for the rain to fall for me to see the lushness growing all around me. I found quantum healing hypnosis and regression work, and as I gobbled it all up, it all clicked into place. The puzzle pieces all came together and I saw the big picture in full Imax. I saw where my unique background, skillset, and abilities fit in the web of humanity.

I’m a Soul Wisdom Keeper. I’m here to help you remember who you are.

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