I wasn't always a visibility coach...

Once upon a time, I was a marketing coach for birth workers. I had a podcast. I had a fancy website. I ran a facebook group. I had clients. I had beautiful professional photos. It was the “perfect niche.” I could blend my experience as a birth doula and my years in marketing and business development to create something profitable and enjoyable. It was going great, and my service was much needed in the birth industry. I taught people how to be themselves in their marketing and create brands that felt like a living, breathing reflection of themselves.

And then I realized that I was a hypocrite. While I was teaching people how to become visible online and in social media, I had been hiding. 

Sure, I was posting all my pretty photos. But in my personal life, I was going through a health crisis. My chronic illnesses had been rendering me more disabled than ever and were consuming my life. I was shopping for mobility aids and unable to cook or care for my kids like I used to and there were weeks where I was really scared about my future. Yet, here I was, posting old photos of me gardening and strolling around the park smiling. I had completely compartmentalized my business and my life - being too afraid to trust my audience with the messy, the real, the sometimes uncomfortable truth. I had been happily hiding behind my niche, but the longer I hid with the realization that I was lying to myself, the more depressed I became.

Then, I realized that my truth could no longer remain within me. It had to come out. I didn’t know how it was going to affect my business, but I was done hiding. 

It poured out of me, and the outcome was life and business altering. I was free. 

I was propelled onto a journey that would lead me to become an expert in all things visibility.

  • Why it's so hard to be real with your audience
  • Why sharing honestly and vulnerably in the online sphere can be so paralyzing
  • How to move forward when you're stuck in a trauma response
  • How to generate safety for yourself when the world feels unsafe
  • How to access the person you've always known you're meant to be

If you resonate with my story and are able to see that fear is holding you back from marketing yourself, holistically, I can help.

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