The Visibility Podcast

The Visibility Podcast

Hosted by: Monet Florence Combs

This is the podcast for business owners who want to show up fearlessly as themselves in their marketing. Monet explores both the joy and challenges that come along with being the face of your business while also...

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10. Money Misconceptions

Are you uncomfortable selling, charging for your services, or asking for money from clients? If so, you are inadvertently pushing away money in your business from not selling, undercharging, and avoiding asking for...
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9. Visibility as Activism

When you are devoted to always living your truth, your visibility becomes your activism. In this episode, I teach how, by being yourself, you create a ripple effect that heals others.
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8. Visibility & Epigenetics

What was your maternal grandmother's life like when she was pregnant with your mother? That has everything to do with your comfort or lack there of in being visible taking up space in your business. Learn how...
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7. Decoupling Fear & Desire

Episode #7

This episode is for anyone who has decided to show up visibly and pursue results in their business but ended up second guessing themselves. Learning to decouple your fear from your desire so that you can tap back into...
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6. Taking Up More Space

When you take up more space in your business by being more visible, raising your price, or stepping into a bigger version of yourself, you may have a delayed response from your nervous system, which feels like a...
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5. Wanting to Be Seen

Episode #5

What happens when you haven't been very visible online in a long time, but now you want to be seen? In this episode, I explore the basic human need of wanting to be seen and how it applies to business. Visit my...
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4. You Are Not a Work in Progress

Episode #4

In this episode, I share how identifying as a work in progress is holding you back from being visible and going for your business goals. Visit my website, to learn more about visibility...
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3. Vulnerability Plan

In this episode, I talk about how to plan for a vulnerable share without putting undue stress on your nervous system. Visit my website, to learn more about visibility coaching and sign up for...
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2. Lessons From My Inner Child

When you have lost who you are, and you are reaching for your highest self to show you the way, who is your highest self? Mine is little Monet. Visit my website, to learn more about...
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1. My Visibility Journey

Episode #1

From hiding behind my business to trusting my audience to see who I really am - this is the episode where I give you the blueprint of my breakdown to breakthrough. Visit my website, to learn...
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