I'm Monet, & here's my story...


Before I fell in love with birth work, I fell in love with business. I started fresh out of high school at Victoria's Secret, where I was the go-to gal during the big sales that my manager would set loose onto the cash register line to sell credit cards to unsuspecting shoppers. After college, I went to a tech start-up, where I worked my way up and learned how to think about business development and decision making at a very high level. Next I ran the marketing for a biotech company where I helped double the company's product sales by increasing their visibility online. It was all so challenging and fun, and strategizing felt like a game. How can I get more people to buy from me?


Then, after the empowering and transformative birth of my daughter, I was called to birth work and became a doula.

I was so excited to make a website and do all the marketing things, for my own business this time! But, do you know what happened? I drew a blank. I froze. Because I was not selling credit cards or music lessons or cell dissociation solution. I was selling me.

I was marketing a transformation. I couldn't hide behind a computer screen and a stock image. I was trying to convince pregnant people how magical birth could be. But I was lost for words. And it felt vulnerable as all hell. I found myself writing and re-writing copy on my website and resharing other people's content to avoid putting any original thoughts out into social media. I avoided showing my face because I was subconsciously self-conscious.

What I realized was that, like most of us, corporate marketing culture was so ingrained into my brain that I didn't know how to connect with people in a way that didn't give off a whiff of *selling BS.* Because, guess what? You can't approach marketing birth support, in any of its forms, the same way you'd market a bottle of shampoo. 

So I'm here to teach you how to market the life-changing work that you do, without having to sell your soul. How to uncover the ways in which you are holding yourself back and getting in your own way. You'll get clarity on how to show up in the online sphere and the by-product will be stepping into the confidence of a business owner, and attracting *your* people.

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Danielle Krulik, Birth Doula

When I first started working with Monet, I was really struggling with my marketing and with feeling confident as a new doula. Now, I feel less afraid and overwhelmed by all the things I need to do! She reminded me that it doesn't need to be perfect right away and that I'll learn as I grow. Monet put things into perspective for me. And knowing Im not doing it alone is also reassuring. Thanks to Monet, I finished my website! Now I'm ready to land some clients.