I work with two types of birth workers:

Those who want to up-level their marketing skills, & those who are ready to break the mold

Refine Your Online Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed & start attracting clients through your online presence?

Then you're in the right place! This is the personalized coaching program that I wish I'd had when I was a doula trying to establish my presence online. I created it to help other birth workers who are feeling as lost as I did four years ago. This is the follow-up marketing support what was left out of your training.

I know exactly what you're thinking, because I've been in your shoes. Marketing feels awkward and uncomfortable. You probably aren't always sure what to say. What kind of content should you post? You post sporadically, and then stop when you don't see much engagement.  But don't worry, it's not your fault and nothing has gone wrong - you just haven't learned how to create content with a strategy that serves you and your unique business.

You don't need another course. You don't need another certification. You just need support and guidance. I'll help fill in the gaps and hold your hand through the process. Think of me as your doula, but for your business.

In my program, I teach you how to not be salesy or rely on only posting educational content. This is the trap that we all fall into when we're unsure about social media marketing, but it doesn't actually create clients for us or engagement with our content. It's our default, because we're so surrounded by corporate marketing culture. But you can't sell a bottle of shampoo the same way you'd sell birth support. There's a different way to do it, which feels SO MUCH better, and actually works. When you market from a place of service, you call in the people you will love working with, and who are already sold on working with you before they even meet you.

So are you ready to stop winging it and learn a strategy that works? Join my program:

6 Weeks to More 1-on-1 Clients

These are the two main skills that you'll develop in my program, which are absolutely essential to marketing your business:

  1. The How - How to market yourself - the social channels to use, the strategy, and how to write beautiful copy that makes clients SO EXCITED to work with you
  2. Mindset - How to become your own best mentor, how to hold space for yourself to process whatever comes up when you start becoming more visible online in your business, how to think like a marketer (you won't find this in any course or training) 

What's included and what to expect:

$650 includes 6 weekly coaching sessions over Zoom, for 60 minutes each, where I will teach you how to:

  • Tweak your website that feels authentic, flows purposefully, speaks to your future clients' deepest wishes, and also leads them to contact you
  • Use social media strategically and infuse your own personal magic into your posts, which is the winning combo to attract clients
  • Refine who you will love working with and learn how to call them to you with your content

You'll learn how to fine-tune your marketing skills, which lays the foundation for growth. You'll gain confidence and start attracting more clients online. Then the program pays for itself.

Sign up for a free mini-session with me and we'll determine whether or not you are a good fit for my program.

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Or...are you ready to break the mold?

If you'd love to be on-call less and reach a wider audience, click below to read about my program, Three Months to Launch.

Tell Me More

Julia Cossolin, Birth Doula

Before I found Monet, I was really struggling with feeling ready to start my business. Now, I have a better understanding of online marketing and more overall confidence. Monet helped me feel ready through a lot of patience on her part and tools to unfold my fears. I'm excited to say that I set a date to launch my business, I created a strategy on my online marketing and my website is ready. And, I got my first client!