You know you're meant to help people.

That's why you were drawn to this field! You may be a coach, birth worker, healer, or thought leader of some sort. You've already transformed your own life, and you knew you were meant to share what you've learned with the world to help others. You're also intuitive and empathic - I bet you've been counseling others your whole life. You're the person that your friends and family come to for advice. You know you're meant to work with others to help with their suffering and to raise them up - this you know in your heart to be true.


After you went through certification, you felt a little bit like you were dropped into a sea of other people doing the same thing as you. You had to make some decisions like whether to have a niche and what in the heck you're actually doing. Now you're second guessing yourself. You also have a curiosity or leaning toward the "woo" and you're not exactly sure how that fits into your practice. 


You have some clients and have made some money, but it felt a lot like paddling upstream. You may not really resonate with the culture of your industry and you're trying to figure out what your next move in your business is and how to bring your whole self into your practice. 


You've made money and have clients, but something is nagging at you...boredom, perhaps? Maybe burnout? You're not feeling fulfilled, even though you have the business you wanted and worked so hard for.


You feel solid in your path, and are in a state of expansion. Inner guidance from your own intuition would supercharge your efforts and bring powerful confirmation and insight into your strengths and your gifts.

Here's the good news: all of this questioning is totally normal, especially for those of us who are highly intuitive and who have a natural ability to help people that doesn't always fit neatly inside a box. You may have been coached to just pick something and stick with it, to not second guess yourself, or to not hop around so much. But if you're feeling unsettled, it's NOT because you can't commit - it's actually just because you're missing pieces of the puzzle.

Your Higher Self already has a clear view of the big picture - you just haven't had access to that wisdom yet. Let's change that.

Enter, the Soul Wisdom Activation

Your 6-week dive into your soul's purpose to uncover why you were guided to help others, what your hidden strengths are, and how you will help the humans.

After you complete your Soul Wisdom Activation, you'll have a deeper understanding of why you're here, and be able to:

  • Understand your gifts and see how they fit into your soul's purpose
  • Differentiate yourself from others in your industry by understanding WHY you were guided to your vocation
  • Access what you need to know so that your business can be aligned with your purpose, allowing money to flow in
  • Liberate your business by expanding your awareness of how you can (and already are) helping people
  • Get unfiltered input from your Higher Self about your next steps in your life and business
  • Find out your unique gifts that you were born with, which allow you to be naturally powerful when tapped into 

Soul Wisdom Activation Details

The 6 Week Container is my proprietary framework, consisting of:

Session 1: Listening and understanding struggles in your life and business

Session 2: Create deeper intimacy to understand what gifts have already presented themselves, where your natural strengths lie, and what is not so obvious at the surface level that may be driving your challenges

Session 3: Address any new insights and prepare for the quantum healing hypnosis session

Session 4: Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Session 5: Integration of what came up during the hypnosis session

Session 6: Coaching to help implement the new insights into your business

Bonus: Recording and transcription of your hypnosis session

Price: $1,111

Click the  button to purchase. I can't wait to guide you through your sacred soul journey.

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Give me the facts, ma'am

If you're what is this magic and will it work for me? Here's the science and history of the method for you (because, if you're like me, you're spiritual BUT you also like to know how things work).

Our prefrontal cortex - the conscious thinking and problem solving part of the brain, makes up 6% of your overall brain matter. The other 94% is your subconscious. This is where all of your inner wisdom lives, and we aren't able to readily tap into it unless we are facilitated into a state in which it's accessible.

During the hypnosis session, you are guided, by me, into a theta brain wave state, which is where the access to the Higher Self lives. Unlike clinical or traditional hypnosis which puts the client under a light hypnosis state (alpha brain waves), the theta state allows the Higher Self to be accessed, readily. 

This deep hypnosis technique was discovered in the 1970's by Dolores Cannon, who stumbled upon it by accident when observing a clinical hypnosis session. At the time, the metaphysical movement wasn't really a thing, so she developed her technique on her own and began writing and transcribing the conversations with people's Higher Selves. She eventually developed the QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) and from that, the modality of BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) was sprung, which allows me do practice this type of hypnosis virtually, without the rigidity of the QHHT method. 

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Client Love

Lindsay Lee Dilley, Life Coach

I felt a sudden disconnection from myself followed by grief and I could not figure out where it was coming from. I had been moving steadily towards making progress in my business and then came to a sudden halt. When I tried to explore and find out the inner cause, I felt like I couldn't access that information even though I don't typically struggle with that. After the hypnosis session, I was able to understand the deeper meaning and purpose behind the season I am in. We explored a past life that connected me to what I am currently experiencing and it acted both as a metaphor and a reminder. I also finished the session feeling deeply connected to myself with a renewed sense of trust in who I am, why I am here, and where I am on that journey. It was great to hear what my higher self laughs about. I felt so deeply and thoroughly cared for by Monet during the session.

Barb Steppe, Birth Doula

Time and energy invested in a business that is more a Calling, for me, than an occupation means that growth happens...transition happens...and I happen to recognize that my business and I, both, are sitting on the cusp of profound change. I am not one to reinvent the wheel so it was time to go beyond the conscious mind and find ... discover...uncover...gather ... input from a deeper level so as to not waste: time, energy, money. I needed to find the path that my personal map was asking me to take. During my hypnosis session I connected to thoughts and dreams that I knew were present but didn't quite have a voice that my internal ear could hear. Monet brought that voice - audibly - to the surface and produced some Ah-ha moments that have fueled everything I need to know what steps to take next. It may be hard to imagine and but the surprise I gleaned from my session was a new level of trust in my intuition. Instead of judging or manipulating the answers to Monet's questions as I might've done in the past, I simply went with what surfaced! And wow! I had two births nearly immediately following the session where I employed that trust which further encouraged the mothers to trust... it was as close to magic as I've gotten.