One-On-One Visibility Coaching

Most of my clients who come to me are struggling with a lack of confidence in their business. It looks like not being sure what to talk about in their marketing, or that they actually HATE marketing, because it's really uncomfortable. This manifests itself as a lack of consistency, but the problem is not that they don't WANT to be consistent, it's that talking about their business online feels like torture. So first, we figure out where that is coming from, and learn how to generate safety. We also address any trauma that comes up in a gentle and loving way.⁠

Simultaneously, we start looking at the business itself. Do you like your niche? Your offer? Your pricing? This usually uncovers A LOT to explore. For example, my people tend to undercharge, so we spend unpacking that. There's also usually a whole lot of people-pleasing woven into the business, so we examine what is lighting you up about your business and what decisions you have made because you thought you "should."⁠

Then comes the magic - the juicy, fun stuff. You've now arrived at a place in your business where you are making offers and things feel "good." So now, we enter the ✨Labyrinth.✨ We get quiet. We listen to what is within you, longing to be expressed through your business. Who are you at your very core? Who is longing to come out and play? That is your personal magic - your inner most voice - and once you meet it and invite it in, your energetic brand (without all the people-pleasing, led only by you and your desires) begins to solidify and take shape.⁠

We work together for 4 months. The sessions are 60 minutes long, weekly. The cost is $3,500. My goal for you is to make your investment back during the time we work together, and that the work we do puts you on the path toward massive growth.⁠

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What will your business look like after you have emerged from the Labyrinth?

  • You will be free to be yourself (your TRUE self, not the people-pleasing version) in your marketing
  • You will resonate deeply with the type of clients in your audience that will be energetically aligned with you⁠
  • You will be able to step into the roll of Thought Leader or Advocate or Pioneer because you are no longer holding onto the part of yourself that wants to stay hidden
  • You will be confident to take up space and no longer feel compelled to shrink yourself for other people's comfort
  • You will feel confident charging more for your services and creating/upholding stronger boundaries with clients

Let's do this, friend. I'm ready when you are.

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