One-On-One Visibility Coaching

Imagine that you are standing on a precipice within your business. You have heard a call - a call to show up differently in your business. To be more open, more real with your audience. To be more true to yourself. To be truly visible.

You heard the call and it felt like a pulling toward change, but whenever you tried to trust your audience to love you in all your truth, you froze. You wanted to run away and shut down your social media accounts. You felt the irresistible urge to people please. Your nervous system registered the situation as unsafe.

And so, here you are.

First, I want to assure you that none of this is your fault. Our brains are always subconsciously trying to keep us safe from threats. Sometimes, the threat is not a saber tooth tiger but instead it’s your aunt Bessie who has something negative to say or it’s the dead silence of posting something vulnerable and not getting anything back from the social media void. Or sometimes, the threat is more tangible, like a leftover trauma response from when someone stalked you, and visibility feels very dangerous.

Secondly, I want you to know that you do not, ever, have to force your way through this. You do not have to dive into the deep end head first, because you are “supposed to” get over your fears.

Instead, you have me, your gentle guide who can help you navigate the journey and hold the space for you to feel all the emotions that come along with being visible in the public sphere. Think of me as your doula within your business.

Once you have decided to answer the call, I’ll help you cross the threshold. In the Labyrinth, we release the beliefs about ourselves that have served you up until this point that are outdated. We remove the false protections that you have been clinging to that are only hindering you. You will not lose yourself. You will take all the time you need, but you will not retreat. When you reach the center of the Labyrinth, you will have met your goal of sharing yourself with the world. And then, I help guide your return from that place.

The Labyrinth is a 4 month, 1:1 coaching program. It is centered around visibility, with marketing as the vehicle. When you are ready to listen to the call, I’m here to help.

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What will your business look like after you have emerged from the Labyrinth?

  • You will be free to be yourself (your TRUE self, not the people-pleasing version) in your marketing
  • You will resonate deeply with the type of clients in your audience that will be energetically aligned with you⁠
  • You will be able to step into the roll of Thought Leader or Advocate or Pioneer because you are no longer holding onto the part of yourself that wants to stay hidden
  • You will be confident to take up space and no longer feel compelled to shrink yourself for other people's comfort
  • You will feel confident charging more for your services and creating/upholding stronger boundaries with clients

Let's do this, friend. I'm ready when you are.

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